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“It was a stretch for me reaching out to hire Coach Sharol and I am glad I did! Through her focused questions and tailored tools, I better prioritized my business, my leadership, and my life. Fast-forward a year with increasing certainty, I made a couple life-changing decisions! As a result of certified coaching, I continue making discovering and I am more willing to stick with my commitments and therefore, I benefit in the long run. I wholeheartedly recommend Sharol’s coaching to help you with your direction.”


                                                                                                                                                                               Jim J., March 30, 2018


"When I first started coaching with Sharol one of the first things she helped me do was get clear about what my goals were and what I needed to do to reach them.


As our coaching appointments progressed, with non-judgmental but firm nudging, Sharol helped me understand things that I was doing and negative self-doubts that I had that were holding me back from achieving my goals. Just recognizing that helped me discover how I needed to approach certain scenarios that I was struggling with. Thanks to coaching with Sharol, I was able to have a difficult conversation with my boss about my future.


Although I was nervous right before the talk with my boss, I knew what I wanted to say and what I wanted to accomplish. After I had the conversation I felt relieved and empowered and most importantly, I got my questions answered and was immensely proud of myself.


What surprised me and was most gratifying about coaching with Sharol was to find that I had the courage to have the discussion I needed to have, ask all the questions I wanted to and get answers so that I could begin with a clear a path to reach my goals and get clients now." 


                                                                                                     Jay Burian, Sales Agent, Ray Smith Insurance Agency, May 12, 2016

“Coach Sharol and I have been working together for several years. Coaching with Sharol has given me the confidence I need to take on the always new, ever changing challenges that present themselves to me as an entrepreneur. With continued, consistent coaching I'm better able to recognize and head off my gremlins before they take full hold and sabotage my success. It has helped me gain new perspectives and confidence as I've learned more about myself and have grown as a leader. 

Sharol coaches with a velvet hammer. She's compassionate, kind, and 100% present. She gives me a safe place to speak out loud, voice my fears and flaws, and work through my own issues with steady - gentle but tough - prodding. In other words, she listens caringly but doesn't let me wallow in self-doubt or my own "pity party" Instead, she helps me see the real issues and find my own way to work myself out of the mire. She then helps me set a new course which gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment and the ability to continue to grow as a successful business woman.”

Susan Brauer, Brauer Consulting Group, April 27, 2016


Testimonial for Sharol Tyra (From A-Z)

There are many reasons why I stay coaching with Sharol Tyra. 

A: Ample knowledge and wisdom she shares. 

B: Boots out the crap!!

C: Caring about how I do outside of coaching time.

D: Decisive when it comes to plotting a course.

E: Excellent training she continues to learn from and share.

F: FUN!! She laughs at my humor. (She gave me my Indian name – Laugh Maker)

G: Good advice about standing up for myself when dealing with people in higher positions, like a boss. She helped me find the courage to say, “when sending out a letter signed with my name, I get to speak in my own voice. Not your words.”

H: Hugs.  Always welcoming.

I:  Intentional.  Keeps the focus moving forward with good intent.

J: Juicy.  Can recognize life and its aliveness … “What do you have planted in your (w)hole?

K: Kind. (Even thought she doesn’t recognize it in herself), giving mementoes and gifts that reinforce and remind me of my soul’s direction. (a journal to write in, a box of love, a sun for my pocket)

L: Loyal.  Let’s me speak my view, gives encouragement where I am insightful, when I am not, helps me see how I sabotage myself.

M: Models what she teaches.  I have such confidence in her because she doesn’t just talk about great things, but walks her talk. 

N: Noble Friend.  Has my best interest at heart, even when she needs to show me something that I won’t like about myself.  She has the courage to tell me what she sees.

O: Open.  She’s candid, frank and available during our entire time together.

P: Passionate.  She knows how to go deep and to get me to deepen and find that place of fire where my strength lives, so I can make my dreams happen. 

Q: Quiet.  She allows quiet, when I need to search within myself for an answer.  She doesn’t just want the first thing that arises. She is willing to wait for what wants to emerge from my depths to come forward.

R: Rewarding and renewing. I have more energy because I’ve shed some of my old ways of looking at things and old habits of doing, so I have the energy to create what I truly want and love in my life. 

S: Sensual.  She helped me to recognize my soul energy moving into my body and helped me to embody that in the form of a meditation, so that I can ‘BE’ myself with ease, grace and steadiness. No story, no fear.

T: Tenacious.  She holds me accountable for what I have chosen to do, helping me to overcome my inner obstacles and unseen blocks.

U: Unique.  Her tools are unique and she knows how to use them skillfully to help me to open to my own uniqueness.

V: Visionary. Sharol has inspired me to see a greater part of myself as I develop and unfold.    She was able to recognize the new direction that my business was taking, put it into words, and help me see concretely the direction I was heading. I was able to walk that course with confidence and clarity because of her vision for me.  It worked.

W: Witness.  One of the wonderful things she has done is to witness me at such a deep level.  This touches my awe and keeps me in wonder and curiosity, so I can approach difficult things knowing I’m not alone.

X: Xylographer. She helps to carve me into a beautiful being.

Y: Yearning to always do better to chart a course for something happier and greater.

Z: Zestful.  Just delighted in so many things that it excites and stimulates me to seek and live more fully. 

                                                                                                                                         Maria, Small Business Owner, March 29, 2016



“I worked with Sharol for 3 months and she became the catalyst for my turnaround.  With her compassion and insight, I have become more positive and I have the desire to confront and overcome the issues in my life that were bringing me down.  Sharol helped me move forward in my business, even though I had times of resistance because I didn’t trust my decision-making and I couldn’t see possibilities and strategies.  I can’t thank her enough and I recommend her whole-heartedly.”         

                                                                                                                            Ken Saunders, Director Club Z Tutoring, May 18, 2014


“Sharol is an intuitive and skillful master at identifying the patterns, behaviors and perceptions that people unconsciously let get in their own way of achieving their goals.  She is fearless and sensitive at getting to the heart of the matter in a way that feels safe and nonjudgmental.  Sharol is a dynamic executive coach with the enthusiasm of a cheerleader, the kindness and intuitiveness of a nurse, and fearless brashness of an athletic coach.  Her energy is magnetic and always leaves me wanting more.  Sharol's approach to coaching seamlessly guides clients through self exploration, discovery, strategy and transformation in a way that feels very naturally customized and not textbook. Every meeting with Sharol is a new deeper discovery of myself and leaves me with a better awareness of the possibilities within myself and a richer relationship with others.”

Cathy, Director, Jun 13, 2012



“Sharol helped me clarify my values and better understand how to utilize my strengths to be an outstanding leader.  I have more confidence and I am inspired to take on the challenges in front of me.” 

N.A., Oct 25, 2011



“Sharol working with you has given new direction and strength to me. Your coaching has enabled me to look into my heart, words and actions.”                                                            

Ron B., Jun 2, 2008

"Sharol Tyra is assisting me in my search for a better today and tomorrow -- more emotion with more focus!  Sharol is very adept at getting to the core of your needs, wants and desires.  She keeps me accountable and on target!  She is constantly requesting…..which means I do not get to procrastinate or not face the challenges that make for a more fulfilling me.  I think Sharol will be helpful in your quest."

Ron B., CEO Management Company, Aug 28, 2007



“Sharol has helped me realize that putting myself first is not selfish but Self honoring and healthy for all involved, especially my family and friends.  She has made me think about my future not just the now.”     

B.H., Director, Oct 20, 2011 



“It's been an incredible adventure.  Connecting with you Sharol assisted me in challenging my beliefs that do not serve me.  I've been learning to be true to myself, which to me means living my dreams.  We wanted to move to our dream house in the Marine on St. Croix; but it was not easy.  One day you and I were talking and you repeated back to me what you heard me say.  Aha, I realized that could be stronger and I gather some excited emotional energy behind the goal of moving.  Within 2 weeks, we made an offer on a beautiful home and it was accepted.  Now, we are appreciating the fullness of our new life in Marine!”

                                                                                                          D.H., November 26, 2008



“I worked consistently with Sharol over the past 10 months.  My main goal was to be proactive in restructuring my life in to what I want it to be a few years down the road.  I was just passing through a transition period between separation and divorce, moving from mothering a young child to parenting a teenager and wanting to examine where I had been to determine where I wanted to go in the near future (less than 5 years ahead.)

Working with Sharol forced me to really take a look at myself and how I dealt with life issues and experiences. The most valuable parts of her coaching were the exercises to look at my Values and the World of Possibilities charts.  I came away from sessions with Sharol feeling directed in a much more positive way, no longer needed to seek approval/validation from others for my actions, nor needing to let out my Drama Queen to be noticed.  I now feel that I am living MY life, according to MY values.  There is a World of Possibility out there and it is WITHIN ME!”   

WJB, Feb, 7, 2005

“I liked starting coaching with the values exercises; it gave me a good basis!  I am still focusing on values and working on living according to my values!  Finding my own true north (going by my compass versus the clock).”

WJB, Minneapolis, MN, Aug 2004



“Working with Sharol has been an amazing experience.  Her approach is not to focus on the past, unless required to so that I might complete a lesson that is currently in process.  The past can’t be changed, but boy do I have a lot to say about the future!  For the first time I truly understand the meaning of accountability, goal setting and being open to ALL the possibilities.  I am beginning not only to see, but to feel the possibilities from within. 


Not all of the lessons along the way have been pretty, some extremely painful.  In fact, some have been down right ugly.  The gift that Sharol provides is a place of safety and love, while still requiring accountability and commitment while working through the messy parts.  There is essence to her coaching that I find lacking in everyday leadership classes and counseling sessions.


I still have a lot of work to do, but with Sharol’s leadership and guidance, I am beginning to find my true essence and live authentically.  Bless you Sharol, to me you are an earth angel.”

Ann C., Director, Plymouth, MN, Nov 23, 2005



I met Sharol Tyra at the Mind, Body and Life convention last year.  She offered personal coaching at the convention and I enjoyed what she had to say & decided to contract with her starting in March 2004 to present.  I realize now that I chose a crucial time in my life to get her help.  I was at a cross roads and didn't know where to turn. I had been in the same business for 15 years as an insurance agent & my creative talents weren't being utilized there….I was emotionally fighting with myself and it manifested into a health problem.  The mind is a fascinating thing.  Sharol helped me gain confidence and trust in myself.  She helped me deal with relationships and my marriage is stronger.  I am looking forward to a bright future that might have still have happened without her but it's taking me there at faster and at a more certain and positive way. 

Cindy J., Wisconsin, Jan 10, 2005  



“Interesting how this whole process has opened up so many new windows in my life!  Wow!  So many realizations that made some huge relief in my psyche - got rid of garbage in life!”  

Randy Spencer, VP Sales, Plymouth, MN, Apr 20, 2004 



“I continue to work on awareness, ingrained attitudes and approaches, it’s just part of me and don’t even realize I have other choices.” 

D.S., Business Owner, Mar 3, 2004



“My heart used to ¼” full for many years.  Now, sometimes it’s overflowing.”  

Lloyd G., Business Owner, Feb 19, 2004



“The value that I am receiving from working with you is the fact that I am learning how to unleash my true self and let my light shine!!! 

It's amazing what you can learn when you open yourself up and allow yourself to it.”  

Heidi Van Heel, Jan, 21, 2004



“Sharol, I see the joy in your eyes!   And I want that!”  

Sara Kaczmarek, Buffalo, MN, Jan 26, 2004



“In only ONE session of coaching with Sharol, I hurdled at least 2 road blocks in my life. I felt stuck in my career situation and quickly found the tools I needed to break through the walls I had built around me. I also realized that these walls were my own fear, and they had immobilized me.

My marriage also needed healing. Again, rather than staying in a stuck position which in this case was my own self-pity, I became pro-active. By the way, I was not gaining anything from existing in these "stuck" positions other than possibly developing physical symptoms such as ulcers and fatigue.  I learned with Sharol's guidance how to break through my own resistances to move forward, that I am ultimately responsible for my own destiny, and I have choices. Thank you Sharol.”

Peg, Plymouth, MN, Jun 2003



“I am realizing and seeing more of what’s happening in my life, when I take that place of observation.  Life’s like sitting on a merry-go-round and everything is a blur.  The carousel of life is spinning and I not going to fully focus until, I look down at what is right in front of me!  Just a lot of old habits that don’t serve me anymore.  I’m tired of it all.  It just doesn’t work for me anymore.  Observing is a good start!” 

Jon Belleau, Business-Leadership, Aug 2002



“Coaching taught me to clear away the clutter.  With the clutter removed, I was able to see the true beauty, challenges and gifts my life had to offer.  Investing time in yourself is one of the greatest gifts one can give oneself.”

Mary Beth Carlson, Jul 2002




“…I also gained clarity about the importance of “holding true to my values’ in whatever I did in my life.  I had always known this but Sharol’s coaching validated this.  This validation gave me the extra boost that I needed to finally leave an unhealthy work environment and a business partner who had opposing business values….

 …I have reclaimed my self worth, self respect, my confidence, my excitement, my energy…. 

Thank you, Sharol, my friend, my coach, my guiding light…”

Jeannette, Minneapolis, MN, Business-Life, Nov 2001




Health Care Testimonials



“I have been in coaching with Sharol Tyra for over 13 years.  During that time I have developed a clearer vision of who I am in this world. I have let go of “self-inflicting misery making” and focused instead on what difference I might make in this world as a “trailblazer”.  Sharol is always on time and ready for our phone call coaching. We have recently used Skype for our coaching which brings an additional “up close and personal dimension to our time together. 


The most helpful process for coaching for me has been completing a Focus sheet in preparation for the phone calls and outlining my feelings in many areas of my life as well as accomplishments since our last session. As a result Sharol has this background information as well as what I hoped to focus on during our coaching session. The areas I asked for coaching on have not only been vocational but have been very personal fears…for example…fears of a mother whose son has been deployed to Iraq twice and establishing how I wanted to be connected during those absences. These Focus documents kept us focused and our coaching time relevant to my changing needs. These documents also provide the “journal of the journey” over that past few years and a summary of where I have been. It is very satisfying to look them over and see how I’ve progressed.


One of my most memorable coaching sessions was as I was entering my doctoral program 8 years ago. I had a lot of anxiety about this new adventure. The vision that I created that day with Sharol’s help - of being strong and crossing the finish line in a marathon bike ride -  stuck with me over the two years it took me to finish my degree … One mile at a time, one curve of the road at a time… I remembered that vision the eve of my graduation and was delighted to learn that Sharol was there that night to greet me “at the finish line.”


Sharol has been a thoughtful, sensitive, constant companion as well as a coach these past several years and a true support as I have clarified the vision I have for myself and belief that all things are possible. She knows me better than anyone else I know….and I trust her with that sacred information.” 


                                                                                                                   Laura L. DNP, private practice business owner, April 2, 2016



“You listened well and I listened to myself!  I will enjoy where I am at this stage of life.”

Duncan McIlraith, MD, Apr 22, 2012



“Don’t look up at the ceiling; instead, pay attention to the interviewer. Be more eloquent in wording my goals and weaknesses.  Sharol, you are honest and to the point, I appreciated that!”

Nina Pabello, MD, PhD , Apr 22, 2012



“I learned a lot!  Your feedback helped me think of better ways to answer interview questions.  I was not rushed and we took time on every question.  You are easy to get along with, very smooth.”

Fariha Zaheer, MD, Apr 22, 2012  


“I just had a big “Aha!” I took notes on the steps I need and want to take!  Sharol, you moved quickly, nicely and with a bit of humor.”

Ryan Matthews, Medical Student, April 22, 2012



“Sharol helped me connect with my young-adult daughter. We brainstormed incremental behavior change plans, and they worked!”

Mary Lagaard, DNP, Jan 9, 2011



“Inner Circle Coaching has led me to lots of self realizations and heightened awareness in my Director of Nursing position as well as my personal life.  Thank you Sharol.”

A.Z., DON, Jul 15, 2009



“In our Inner Circle group coaching, real things you’ve said Sharol, just click in my head and stick.  I love the new perspectives for my role as Director of Nursing and with my family!  Observing other Directors being coached by Sharol - it's easy to stay involved and fascinating.”

K.S., DON, Jul 15, 2009



“Sharol geared her presentation to our specific focus and needs.  Very energizing, engaging and a great start to our company meeting for her to tell stories.”

Craig Abbott, CEO, Health Dimensions Group, 2009



“I have found that my coaching helps me reflect on my life as it is. It calls me to be a more balanced and engaged person in the world around me. …”

L., DNP, Oct 24, 2008



“Thank you so much for opening my awareness to how and why I have been living my life and guiding me in my ability to design my future.  … Your ability to get me organized has freed up time to do those things I enjoy.  … Many thanks for your help in clarifying my values.”

Pat E., Charge Nurse, Mar 22, 2006



“… Coaching with Sharol has been an amazing journey & has given me so much insight into who I am & who I want to be & how it impacts those around me.  I now actually have plans in place to meet my goals, continue realizing my true potential, & finally recognizing my true self! …

Amy L., Jul 7, 2006



“… I have made big changes in my life… Sharol has such wonderful coaching skills, she brings out the best in me also.  Our appointments felt magical, with growth sometimes happening by tiny steps, and sometimes by leaps…. I am so much happier and at peace than I ever thought possible, and the future is yet to come!  Thank you Sharol!”

                                                                                                                                                        Sharon, Charge Nurse, Feb 13, 2005

“I am discounting my own thoughts and beliefs and scared to face this blackness and feeling hopeless and go to sadness rather than to face it.  I don’t have anger.  I am discounting me.  Anger is kind of like the ‘hello.’  I feel like this is the key so many other things!  Sharol, you shed light and open new areas for me.”  

Sharon, Sep 2002 



“Sharol does not use a "one size fits all" approach, she appreciates your individuality and uses that to tailor her approach to achieving your own, unique, goals.”  

C. Underhill, RNC, North Dakota, Jan 2003



 “Coaching has been priceless!  To think where I was down in the dumps, a year ago!”

C.N., Jul 2002



“My Dad was a teacher and high school coach.  My two boys have had numerous athletic coaches as they grew-up.  The word coach is an active and upbeat concept.  So, why do I need a coach?  I need a coach to help me be "nimble" in my thinking and choices in life. Sharol is my coach.  She keeps me open to my own power and options.  She keeps me honest to myself without forcing points.  Sharol is a great coach with energy, a keen eye and ear for my themes and patterns.  I like her gentle, astute focus on my natural good tendencies that I sometimes forget to use and accentuate.  I am glad Sharol is my coach and I know I won't be coached forever, but for now she is helping me be the best I can be!  We walk this road together and it is good journey.”

D.G., Bloomington, MN, Dec 2001



Coaching & Mentoring Testimonials


“Receiving mentoring and coaching from Sharol has been enlightening. During our time together, I have become not only more self aware, but so much more confident and empowered to make things happen like an amazing new job. She sees qualities in me that I am not aware of myself and she challenges me to bring them out. I am now aware of how I’ve allowed saboteurs from my past to sabotage my goals and energy - and can now let them go. Through working with Sharol, I have accomplished one of my "big rocks" even before my goal end date! With her, I have been able to step boldly into all aspects of my life and I feel like I can finally show up in this world as my true, whole-hearted self! xoxo”

                                                                               Heather Tesch, MS, Nutrition & Wellness Coach, HR Manager, November 18, 2014


“Sharol Tyra, provided key professional services at the Forum on Workplace Inclusion’s 2014 (FWI) Career Services Center contributing to the program’s overwhelming success in delivering more than 450 services to candidates seeking to advance their careers.


               Murray A. Mann, Rose Mary Bombela-Tobias and Adela Peña, Coordinators, Forum on Workplace Inclusion, May 15, 2014



"Sharol, thank you for coaching me with so much love and enthusiasm and getting me to really see junctures in my path where my mindset needs sharpening in order to move in a forward direction. You are so keenly aware of what is going on "behind" my words and in between the lines, so that we make quicker progress in getting to what really is important and what matters most to get my energy going in the right direction." 

Louise La Fosse, Coach, Change Management Consultant, Tai-Chi Instructor, California, Mar 14, 2013



"I was totally delighted by your presentation and how it has opened up a new voice inside of me!  Just even the few minutes we spent together created new ways of thinking about how I speak to people about what, why, and how I work.  Over the past several days, I've been playing with the idea of different messages, and how they have the potential to call forth new clients......for the sake of the personal change and transformation that clients experience when they work with me.  Thank you for bringing your gifts and leading that amazing workshop! You're a gifted coached and leader!!"

Dana Kadue, Coach, Attendee, Join the Global Video Revolution Recap, ICF Minnesota, Jan 22, 2013



“Sharol coaches with a remarkable blend of compassion and toughness to help bring out the best in an individual. As a client of Sharol's, I experienced several transformational ah-ha moments that helped me to gain clarity, declare my authentic goals, and get unstuck in various areas of my business and life. As a coach myself, I highly recommend Sharol to any individual who is eager to transform his or her life.”

Kathy Lester, ACC, May 22, 2012



“I met Sharol at a coaches meeting March 2012.  At that time I was miserable - I felt like I was living behind bars!  But working with Sharol helps me see my Myers-Briggs type, priorities and core values and hold true to them.  When difficulties arise, through conversation and probing she helps me confront, understand, and tame my gremlins so that I am in control and life is more meaningful.  Like a caterpillar slowly emerging from its cocoon, with Sharol’s coaching I feel like I am becoming a butterfly with beautiful colors.”

Nancy Joseph, RN, Certified Health Coach (CHC), Nursing Case Manager,

& Coaching Program Mentee, St. Paul, MN, Oct 24, 2012



“In 2 1/2 years with Coach Sharol, I have noticeably more clarity about my relationships and my choices!  I am a more astute and successful small business owner.  I set intentions often which guide me in living a more authentic and emotion-filled life.  Sharol skillfully sees places where my energy leaks out and helps me regain my aliveness and appreciate my uniqueness!” 

M.J., Rhode Island, Dec 17, 2008  



"Motivational Interviewing" improved my skills as a college counselor.  I found students move through the muddy waters more quickly.  I am so impressed with this technique that I plan to take more coaching classes.  There are so many areas these skills can be applied to--it is remarkable.  Sharol is an amazing and skillful Instructor!!

Nancy Elk, Student, Coaching Skills, Anoka-Ramsey Community College, May 17, 2007



"Prior to this course, I was under the impression that I couldn't figure out my own life, let alone help somebody else figure out theirs!  However, these coaching experiences helped me understand the power of present-time consciousness and my innate ability to meaningfully help someone.  After a deep coaching on procrastination, my client exclaimed feeling comfortable, thankful, and amazed at how it just seemed to flow!"  

Mark A. Peterson, Student, Coaching Skills, Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Apr 18, 2007



“Instructor Coach Sharol demonstrated how coaching helps bring peace to clients by offering wisdom and compassion, asking complex questions leading to change talk, giving confidence with genuine affirmations, and just being there with them. I had no idea how much it would also help me with my life!  Coaching taught me to help other people without the “I am right, you are wrong approach,’’ but rather an approach more centered on teamwork, which is more of what this world needs!”

Eric Cavanaugh, Student, Coaching Skills, Anoka Ramsey Community College, Apr 16, 2007



“Instructor Tyra enlightened the class on behavior change, coaching, values, compassion, wellness and more!  We received many tools to help ourselves and our clients uncover their own creativity and resourcefulness.  I applied course learning’s to my personal goals, family life, and work!”  

Debra L. Johnson, Student, Coaching Skills, Anoka Ramsey Community College, Apr 13, 2007


Reprinted with permission


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