Are you an energetic leader, open to growth, risk taking and a desire to move forward?


Welcome to Life Illumination

Life Illumination™ is a way of being present in the moment. To penetrate rapid changes and lead from your wisdom, passion and vision, you need a whole new approach to leadership – Life Illumination offers fresh perspectives, possibilities and proven prescriptive tools.  Through highly customized one-to-one individual coaching or team coaching and image consulting, we empower trailblazers like you to get to the heart of your influential values, powerful intuition, and desire to contribute making a difference. 

So, if you want to:

  • Learn Tips, Tools, & Techniques for being an authentic leader courageously trusting from the inside out
  • Leverage unique talents, strengths and skills to grow your business and better serve your clients
  • Achieve your vision by closing the gap between where you are and where you see yourself achieving at the next level
  • Increase your resiliency, confidence and vulnerability in the face of conflict to foster long-term, fulfilling relationships
  • Transform your fears, doubts, denial, avoidance and beliefs that do not serve
  • Intentionally live according to your values, wants, desires, principles, and preferences to enrich your work and your home life
  • Establish on-going actions to empower yourself and your alliances to keep moving forward
  • Integrate mastery of the known and mystery of the unknown
  • Create a compelling, inspirational vision and stimulating environment for yourself and your team
  • Revive Dormant Dreams
  • Experience a richer life by understanding what is vital in each moment 
  • Image services: Image & Style consultation, Skin care, Makeup artistry, Your cosmetic bag, and Small group makeup lessons     

… Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Sharol is a Professional Certified Coach & Makeup Artist and Principal at Life Illumination Coaching & Image.




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