Where is Hanover, Minnesota? 

Hanover, Minnesota is located on the Northwest edge of the Minneapolis-St.Paul metro area.  Hanover is a growing community filled with small town ambiance, compelling and charming people, high quality of life, spacious housing developments, rural farms, wooded country views, and the serene North Crow River flowing though downtown all along the River Road. 


Hanover, the "Little City on the Crow" consists of three restaurants, post office, elementary school, fire department, convenience store with gasoline station and car wash, city hall, parks and ball fields, bank, auto shop, daycare center, two dozen businesses in the industrial park and downtown river district, and an annual Hanover Harvest Festival, 1st Saturday in August.  Approaching Hanover from any direction, the lighted white cross atop the steeple of St. Paul's Lutheran Church has guided and welcomed people to our town for the past 100 years, exclaiming "Lift High The Cross."  


What is the significance?

Just a taste of the delightful community in which Sharol and her family live.  Furthermore, when you hire Sharol Tyra to speak, she boards her airplane from the Mpls/St. Paul, MSP airport.