Mentor Coaching Program



Why seek Mentor Sharol?

  •            Develop your coaching skills and core competencies     
  •            Reveal your inner potential and portray more presence as a magnificent coach
  •            Accomplish your most important professional priorities by moving forward to achieve your vision
  •            Receive on-going coaching, guidance, encouragement, challenge, perspectives, & accountability
  •            Health Practitioner as Coach and Coaches partner with an experienced and intuitive mentor coach
  •            Hired certified coaches for 16 years who stretched her – Sharol walks her talk!



Mentoring is…

A two-way street of respect, resonant energy, lifelong learning, and deep commitment in our partnership.

Matching a highly skilled mentor and supervisor and a less skilled mentee.

An Inner Circle Coaching Program designed for the coach who desires a mentor-mentee partnership approach to realize your own personal power.  And to open and receive the coaching business of your dreams.  Play BIG!


Mentor Biography

Sharol is a high-energy leader who applies her over 30 years of educational and professional experience to coaching and developing leaders.  Sharol Tyra, BSN, PCC, CPCC, MUA Professional Certified Coach, Mentor and Supervisor specializes in success and life fulfillment.  She had lead dozens of Inner Circle Coaching Programs and hundreds of highly customized Individualized Coaching Programs over the past sixteen years.

As an Instructor at her alma mater Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Sharol designed and taught Health & Wellness Coaching.  As an Assistant Trainer at her alma mater The Coaches Training Institute’s (CTI) Leadership Program and Coaching Program, Sharol role-modeled leadership and coaching with global leaders and coaches, respectively. As a Nursing Supervisor at a Fairview Clinic, Sharol supervised, motivated and trained nurses and support staff, managed daily operations, and collaboratively planned innovative health care delivery. As Principal Administrative Aide for a Hennepin County Commissioner, Sharol provided administrative support services and public relations.


Sharol is an internationally certified coach and founder of Life Illumination Coaching.  Sharol was published and featured in over a dozen professional publications, TV and radio. 

“Instructor Tyra enlightened the class on behavior change, coaching, values, compassion, and optimal wellness.  We received many tools to help ourselves and our clients uncover their own creativity and resourcefulness.  I applied course learning’s to my personal goals, family life, and work!” 

Debra L. Johnson, Student, Health & Wellness Coaching Skills, Anoka Ramsey Community College


In preparation for our remarkable mentoring partnership:

           Think about your short- and long-term top 3 professional priorities

           Determine the gap from your current situation to where you’d like to be

           What outcomes and transformations do you intend from our mentoring experience?


Program Schedule

July 2016 – Sep 2016 (3 months) 

Mondays   3 PM –or– 5 PM CT –or–  Wednesdays   7:45 AM CT


Your investment in yourself includes:

7 Inner Circle Mentoring appointments (7 – 10 hours total, depending on # participants)
You and a minimum of three and maximum of ten other coaches partner with Coach Sharol by telephone or skype. Inner Circle helps you develop a community rich with perspectives, sharpen your coaching skills, deepen your work-life experiences, strengthen your resiliency and keep you in action aligned with your desires and values. Gain value by being client, coach, and observer! 

3 Individual Coaching highly customized mentoring appts (3 hours) in-person, phone or skype (Mondays)

Mid-Point Evaluation

All Program materials

ICF Core Coaching Competencies & Ethics    

                            Designed to meet International Coach Federation (ICF) Mentor Coaching requirements  


“Inner Circle Coaching has led me to lots of self realizations and heightened awareness in my Director of Nursing position as well as my personal life.  Thank you Sharol.”                                                                                                    



“Sharol is an intuitive and skillful master at identifying the patterns, behaviors and perceptions that people unconsciously let get in their own way of achieving their goals. She is fearless and sensitive at getting to the heart of the matter in a way that feels safe and nonjudgmental. Sharol is a dynamic certified coach with the enthusiasm of a cheerleader, the kindness and intuitiveness of a nurse, and fearless brashness of an athletic coach. Her energy is magnetic and always leaves me wanting more. Sharol's approach to life coaching seamlessly guides clients through self exploration, discovery, strategy and transformation in a way that feels very naturally customized and not textbook. Every meeting with Sharol is a new deeper discovery of myself and leaves me with a better awareness of the possibilities within myself and a richer relationship with others."

Cathy, Director


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