How do I get started?

 I offer an eye-opening Introductory: Perspective and Possibilities coaching appointment by Skype, telephone or in person to prospective clients including a follow up appointment within two weeks. At this Introductory appointment we’ll discuss –

Issues that may be getting in the way of a more fulfilling executive-life

  • Stressors  (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Physical symptoms, etc.)
  • Lack of Time
  • Being engaged with staff

And topics that you need to revive in yourself to be the trailblazer that you know you are

  • Priorities
  • Readiness and Willingness for Transformational Change
  • Hopes, vision and aspirations

I would be glad to hear from you if you’re interested in making your business-life more successful and moving forward!  You will receive unconditional support, challenging with compassion, championing, and accountability for new behaviors, strategies, and actions.  You will also receive customized coaching and leadership interactive educational tools.  Coaching candidates submit your resume or curriculum vitae; so, I can get to know you and what you've accomplished.

Call today for an Introductory: Perspective and Possibilities coaching program for $350 USD with Certified Coach Sharol at (763) 477-9186. 


How do I schedule follow up appointments when I decide to once I’ve had the Introductory appointment?

I am flexible and adaptable to your needs and schedules. Together, we will identify and discuss your priorities, goals, and develop a plan of action that is respectful of your style and starting place. So, how do you want to be coached?

A typical coaching alliance consists of:

  • Two or three 45 minute appointments per month by phone or Skype to accommodate your busy schedule
  • Discovery: Visioning & Planning appointment, 90 minutes
  • Minimum contract of 9 months. However, most people continue with coaching as they begin to see the benefits unfold, depending on their specific challenges or in each dimension of their life.


What are your monthly rates?

  • Typical coaching rates with a Professional Certified Coach are $350-$2000 per month, depending upon how you customize your Individual Coaching Program with Coach Sharol.
  • Check with your Chief Financial Officer or Certified Public Accountant – many clients often deduct coaching as business development, leadership advancement, continuing education, job search expenses and/or professional development.
  • Focus on the investment in yourself today and in the future. What price do you put on your happiness and fulfillment?
  • Coaching available by telephone, Skype and/or in-person.


Sharol Tyra is a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and abides by the ICF Code of Ethics. And she has worked with numerous trailblazers just like you to help them find more balance in their lives and revive passion and enthusiasm they’d long forgotten to get them back on track …


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